Genuine leather will vary slightly in color shade and tone. The photography here may or may not be the exact color as shown. This is not to be considered a defect but a true hallmark of genuine leather quality.

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The wooden frame on this collection is composed of beech wood and ash. These woods are selected at source and seasoned for a minimum of 2 years to ensure long term durability. All of the corners and load bearing areas of our frames are additionally secured with heavy duty corner blocks to add to the strength and durability of the frame. Upon completion of the construction of the frame, we encase the entire structure. This process ensures the strength and integrity of the frame. We the put one inch of foam around the frame before upholstery so that when you touch the sides and backs you notice a firm/soft sensation not four inches of play between the leather and frame as you would find with most of our competitors.

Suspension Unit:

We incorporate in our suspension unit; heavy duty 9 gauge sinuous spring steel. These “S: shaped steel springs are fastened to the top of the front rail and run from the front to the back of the piece two inches apart. These springs are attached to the frame using heavy duty clips. Two firm rods are used to hold the springs in place which offers additional durability to the sitting area, both on the front and the back of each individual seat. We also attach a canvas barrier between the foam and the steel springs. This does not allow the foam to wear. We use five steel springs per seat to ensure the strength, comfort and durability of the foam cushion core. In addition: we use two solid wooden stretchers that run front to back to stabilize and strengthen the frame against the tension of the steel sinuous springs. This adds to the strength of the frame itself.

Leather – Stallion Chestnut :

The leather on this collection is semi aniline. This means that the leather is colored thru and thru and does possess a light protective coat of polyurethane on the surface of the leather. This gives the consumer versatility in wear and use; most common household stains can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap if addressed within minutes of the spill, spot or stain. You will notice some color variation and grain variations between each piece and sometimes within the same piece. These are natural characteristics and should not be considered unusual. This leather is buttery soft and will work in any décor or color scheme at home.

Cushions & Seating:

The seat cushions are attached and are composed of polyurethane foam cores with a high quality DACRON topper for comfort. You will find the density of the seat cushions are 1.8 which are considered to be of outstanding quality. This is a unit of measurement of the number of porous holes in the cushion. The back cushions are also attached and are composed of Dacron fiber which is blown by computer into vertically and horizontally channeled bags. This ensures that the proper amount of Dacron is blown in the same every time. You will find that each seat cushion will provide you with many years of DURABILITY, COMFORT AND SUPPORT.

Sales Features and Benefits of the Beckett Group:

The Beckett collection is so stylish that you will fall in love with it immediately. The unique contrast stitching design of this collection will be the first thing you will notice. You will then be invited to sit and when you do, you may not get up for hours. The comfort is simply amazing. This collection always has a lumbar “pub back” for outstanding lower back support. This collection also has very beefy solid wooden legs that are cleanly finished in an espresso color! You will love everything about the Beckett!!